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New Post 7/9/2009 11:58 PM
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New Niche for Pharmacies 
Dear Colleague,
...Are you looking for a niche business for your pharmacy? Well, let me briefly tell you what I found. Tele-communication services!

...Yes, I now can sell to my pharmacy customers all the tele-communication services that they need. Wireless (cell phones), Satellite-TV, Home Security, and much more!

...There is no inventory to carry, no customer support to handle, no billing. All of the back-end office work is handled by ACN, the parent company. Your job is simply to sign up customers. And, yes you can save your customers money on the service they already use!

...The best part is that you earn residual income. That is, every month you get paid a portion of the customers bill for as long as the customer keeps the service.

...Sound interesting? Like to hear more? Give Mike Powell a call. He can explain how you can be making money in the Tele-Communication business.

It works for me!
...Marty Francom, Pharmacist
DSP Pharmacy

Call for more information:
...Mike Powell
...ACN Team CoOrdinator
...(425) 531-0802

My Web Site:
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  Pharmacy Village Forum  Pharmacy Practi...  Retail Pharmacy  New Niche for Pharmacies
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